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We have long struggled with couches that are either too cheap and flimsy, or heavy and expensive.

They require a team to move, are complicated to put together, and inevitably will not fit into your next space. Be it home or office. That is why we are building clever, comfortable furniture for your life and living room at Marcius Couches

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What We Do As Marcius Couches

Products and Services

We as Marcius Couches are based on the idea that people should never settle when it comes to their home furnishing, but rather have the freedom to be boldly original.
Our unique furniture is built to meet the demands and exclusive tastes of our customers, providing a high-quality product that will be enjoyed for a long time. The success of our company Marcius Couches has been based on offering exceptional value for money, better service and an unrivalled choice of designs.

  • Home Sofa

    Every living room is incomplete without a sofa set that reflects the user’s style and aesthetic sensibilities. The user could choose between classic, retro and contemporary designs in fabric and leather.

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  • Reception Sofa

    Each of our office sofas offers a distinct look and feel from home and living room sofas as these are usually designed to seat people in upright positions rather than the diwans or lounges that are meant to help the person relax.

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  • Wedding Sofa

    Our company Marcius Couches deals in all kinds of wedding sofas that are comfortable and extremely attractive. These sofa sets can also be bought by those dealing in bulk party and wedding furniture.

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  • Office Sofa

    Office sofas are must have furniture items for receptions, lobbies and cabins of higher officials. Each of the office sofas in our collection is different from home or living rooms sofa as these are sofa sets in upright positions rather than the diwans or lounges meant to relax.

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  • Desinger Sofa

    Designer sofas are the best investment for any living room with contemporary and modern interiors and lighting. These designer sofasetstruly complement the perfect, modern home that plays host to some chic and stylish people.

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  • Corner Sofa

    Corner sofas are ideal for living room spaces and lobbies where one intends to seat people towards the corner of the room. These corner sofas could be five or seven seatersbut these are never placed in the centre of the room but in one corner towards the other side of the main door.

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  • Built by us, created by you. And quality the way you would like!

    Quality Guaranteed

    We believe in creating every piece of furniture as it is our own.
    As a company, we focus on selecting fair value to great quality of materials to give you the kind of furniture that is to your need. Every sofa is different and so is customer taste. Have our production experts understand your requirement before you place an order with us!

    Marcius Couches Expertise

    Our Reputation Speaks For Itself.

    We are passionate about designing sofas that exceed your expectations in every way.

    From the way they look and how comfortable they feel, all the way through to the high quality finish, we know our products are something to be proud of. As part of this, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all of our materials are chosen for quality and sourced sustainably.


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    Dedicated Support

    We are making it our business to make a difference.

    Our Responsibility

    Here at Marcius Couches it is our mission to help everyone feel at home on a sofa they love - but this mission forms only part of a much bigger picture.

    This planet is home to all of us and we see it as our responsibility as an ethical retailer to do everything we can to make it a better home for everyone.

    Our Blog

    We understand buying furniture earlier may have been clumsy and intimidating. But unlike our competitors, we offer unrivalled choice of designs, and our dynamic team works with you right from product selection to execution to installation.

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    We Guarantee All Our Workmanship.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    We use our extensive knowledge to guide our craftsmen into making furniture that is of your taste. We aim to better help you arrive at your perfect sofa.

    We understand buying furniture earlier may have been clumsy and intimidating. But unlike our competitors, we offer unrivalled choice of designs, and our dynamic team works with you right from product selection to execution to installation.

    Delivery estimates are subject to availability in the location of our customers.
    Please note that additional scatter cushions and accessories may have been added to our imagery for styling purposes.
    These are for display only and are not included with the range.

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    Passion Is What Drives Us!

    Our Service

    If you may have placed an order with Marcius Couches, expect our production expert to call you and walk you through your model and explaining its features and comforts. From helping you choose the right product, to resolving your after sales issues with our production team, be assured you are in good hands.

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